Julia Ewer: Dip. Psychosynthesis, Dip. Health Science, Dip. RADA, Dip. Visual Arts.

Julia is a qualified and experienced Psychosynthesis counsellor working in an integrative medical practice in Mapua, Nelson and registered with PANZA, (the professional body that represents Psychosynthesis-trained practitioners).

A graduate of RADA, London, she holds a postgraduate qualification in Health Science from Canterbury University, Christchurch, and a Diploma in Spiritual Healing from Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Brenda Davies, founder of The International School of Healing and Spiritual Development.  Julia is an NZ mentor for the International Group for Creative Meditation and facilitates meditation and esoteric study groups.  Julia is also a member of Sundial House, UK and the Community of Living Ethics, Italy.  

Psychosynthesis is an integrative psychology with a psychospiritual orientation.  It was founded by Dr Roberto Assagioli as a psychology that seeks to address the heights, as well as the depths of human existence.  It approaches counselling not only as a way of managing challenges but also as a means of awakening to our life potential. 

I work with a full range of client issues from those that occur around crisis to those that represent an awakening, particularly since these events are frequently interrelated. A personal crisis may signal that someone is “standing on the threshold” between a habitual way of being, and a new way forward.

Issues commonly faced include:

These issues are often experienced through symptoms – such as feelings of inadequacy, being trapped, powerlessness, doubt, anger, depression, anxiety and a sense of life having no meaning.

Sessions are usually 1 hour and are held at Te Ora, 69 Aranui Road, Mapua, Nelson.  The fee is $100.  Appointments can be made by emailing julia@inhealth.co.nz.